Hogtied No. 1



I am a Gay Man 42 looking for like minded fully clothed wet mates for indoor and outdoor fun.

Denim especially Levis 501's, Leather, Sports, Carhartts, Army gear and boots.

Also into WS, Mud, Oil and Grease in gear.

Live in London but can travel and accommodate.


  adidas10.jpg     adidas11.jpg     carhartts01.jpg     carhartts05.jpg     carhartts16.jpg


                    carhartts17.jpg     combat28.jpg     combat34.jpg     combat46.jpg     combat55.jpg


                   combat60.jpg     cowboy03f.jpg     cowboy03m.jpg     cowboy03p.jpg     cowboy04.jpg


                  cowboy05d.jpg     cowboy05e.jpg     cowboy05j.jpg     cowboy05m.jpg     cowboy05o.jpg


                 cowboy09e.jpg     cowboy09g.jpg     cowboy09h.jpg     cowboy09k.jpg     cowboy09m.jpg


                cowboy11m.jpg     cowboy11o.jpg     cowboy11r.jpg     cowboy12.jpg     denim34.jpg


               denim42.jpg     denim43.jpg     denim44.jpg     denim49.jpg     leather30.jpg


            leather31.jpg     leather33.jpg     leather34.jpg     leather36.jpg     leather37.jpg


              leather40.jpg     leather43.jpg     leather44.jpg     leather46.jpg     leather47.jpg


                       leather48.jpg     levis01g.jpg     levis01h.jpg     levis01l.jpg     skin02.jpg



New photos sent in February 2003

adidas34.jpg adidas35.jpg carhartts03.jpg carhartts44.jpg CHP12.jpg

CHP21.jpg CHP28.jpg combat37.jpg combat51.jpg cowboy03g.jpg

cowboy06j.jpg cowboy09a.jpg denim39.jpg



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