Nike28mtl's Wet Gallery No. 1

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I'm from Quebec|Canada. I'm 28, & i'm working for an EMS

Note: This is why you carry a camera all the time :)
You can capture those spur of the Moment Wet Shots!
Super Great "Personal" Wet Photography:  Copyrighted by Nike28mtl


                      1.jpg     2.jpg     3.jpg     4.jpg     5.jpg


                      6.jpg     7.jpg     8.jpg     9.jpg     10.jpg


                      11.jpg     12.jpg     13.jpg     14.jpg     15.jpg


                      16.jpg     17.jpg     18.jpg     19.jpg     20.jpg


                      21.jpg     22.jpg     23.jpg     25.jpg     26.jpg


                      27.jpg     28.jpg     29.jpg     30.jpg     31.jpg


                      32.jpg     33.jpg     34.jpg     36.jpg     37.jpg


38.jpg     39.jpg     40.jpg     41.jpg


                      42.jpg     43.jpg     44.jpg     45.jpg     46.jpg


47.jpg     48.jpg     49.jpg



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